baby shower and baby gift ideas

Planning a baby shower is a lot of fun – especially if you organize it well.

A little thought before you start can make the whole process easier and more fun!

The more you have done beforehand, the more you will enjoy the actual baby shower.

Below you will find several ideas to get you started on your plans – from baby shower themes to games to cakes to gifts.

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The first thing you need to decide is the day and time. Will it be on the weekend?
On a week night? Will it be a brunch? Supper? Dessert? What works best for the

Once you know when, then you can decide where. There are all kinds of options –
from a park, someone’s house, someone’s back yard, a room in a church, a room in
a restaurant or perhaps even a room in your local library or some other meeting place

Knowing what time of day it is also helps you plan the food. If it is brunch, then you
might go for egg dishes, small sandwiches, fruit and vegetables. But if you are
having the shower at suppertime, your guests will most likely expect a more
substantial meal. Evening showers can easily lend themselves to finger foods and

Baby Shower Themes

A baby shower theme can mean different things to different people.  Some decorate based on a certain theme – such as

Others plan a baby shower based on a theme for what type of gifts you want the mom-to-be to receive.

Here are some ideas of what other people have done:

  • Pamper Mommy theme – gifts for the mom-to-be
  • Baby Safety theme – gifts specifically related to baby safety
  • Clothing theme – only clothing for baby
  • Nursery theme – items for baby’s room
  • Diaper theme – cloth diapers, covers, etc or lots of disposables in lots of sizes
  • No theme at all – just bring a nice baby gift

Sometimes if someone has already had a “regular” baby shower, it is nice to find out
what they really need and choose a theme that would cater to that need.

Baby Shower Games

It is nice to have a few activities planned other than just eating and opening gifts.
There are lots of games that people play at showers that can get everyone involved
and laughing. This makes the shower fun for everyone. Do keep the games simple
enough so that everyone can play.  Get some ideas for baby shower games here!

Baby Shower Cake

A baby shower is not complete without a cake. If you or someone you know likes
to bake, then enlist their help. But sheet cakes from grocery stores are often quite
good and usually don’t cost as much as a regular bakery. If you are watching your
budget, ask about the decorating. One style might be a lot more than another style
and the amount of words you put on the cake may make a difference in price also.

Baby Shower Gifts

If there is no specific theme for the baby shower, then you can go with almost
anything. Bedding is a popular baby gift item – blankets and crib sheets. A basket
filled with items for baby’s bath is sure to be a hit. Baby memory books make nice
gifts. Lots of new moms like the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer. Basic baby clothes like undershirts and onesies are always useful. Don’t be afraid to buy a larger size – babies grow fast and it can be fun for mom to have a new 2T or 3T outfit waiting for them. And if you know others going to the shower, perhaps you can go together to buy a more expensive item – like a stroller, car seat, video baby monitor, baby sling, baby swing, etc.