ideas for a baby nursery

Planning and decorating a room for your baby is a lot of fun. Your baby’s nursery should be a warm and inviting place to be. After all, this loving environment is where your child will be spending a good deal of time.

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There are two basic things you need to decide on: furniture style and color/theme. Some say pick your furniture first, some say decide on color or theme first. It really doesn’t matter – but once these are decided, it is easier to finish decorating.


You will need a crib and dresser/changing table for sure. Rockers, bookshelves, toy bins are also nice. There are very nice matching sets you can find both online and in stores. Or you may want to go for the eclectic approach – and this works really well too. You may be able to save a great deal of money by looking for used baby furniture at garage sales or online. A fresh coat of paint / varnish goes a long way. (Just make sure the paint you use is safe for your baby)

Color / Theme

There are tons of themes available today – boys themes, girls themes and gender neutral themes.  Some common boys themes are trains, sports, trucks etc. Girls themes include ballerinas, princesses, butterflies and many more. Neutral themes include various storybook characters, animals, etc. Or you could go with no theme at all – just a nice coat of paint and your own decorating.

The thing to remember is to make the room inviting. Peaceful is the word that comes to my mind – a peaceful room where your baby is going to sleep, get dressed and cuddle with you. So while it can be fun to experiment with various characters and other designs, keep in mind the overall tone you want to create.


If you have a nice window in the room, that is great. Wide blinds can let in a lot of light and also block out the light when your newborn needs to sleep. But not everyone has big windows in the room that will become baby’s room. While most rooms have a ceiling light already, you may want to invest in a small light or night light. You want one that can give enough light at night for you to see while feeding baby or changing a diaper, but not so much light that your little one thinks it is time to wake up and play.


This is where you can have fun without spending a fortune. Even if you don’t have much money to repaint a room or buy all new furniture – accessories can really make a room and don’t have to cost much. Crib sheets, curtains and a few pictures on the wall may be all you need.

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