Snoogle Body Pillow
My first look at the Snoogle Total Body Pillow had me wondering just how well it worked.

I distinctly remembered those days when I used all kinds of pillows to get comfortable sleeping while pregnant – shifting all of them around every time I turned over.   The idea of  having one large pillow to take the place of all those other pillows is wonderful!

After a thorough review of  the Snoogle,  I am excited to tell you more about this great pillow for pregnant gals!  This pregnancy pillow follows the natural contour and shape of your body from head to toe.  No more pillows everywhere in the bed!

It is perfect for sleeping, relaxing and even nursing your baby. While you mostly use it in your bed, it can also be used on couches and even on the floor to give you support while you are sitting.

 snoogle pregnancy pillow price

Table of Contents
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1. Main Features
2. Specifics
3. How to Use
4. Keep your own pillow
5. Help for Pregnancy
6. Other Uses
7. Optional Accessories
8. Pros & Cons
9. Consumer Reviews
10. Price
11. Summary


Main Features:

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  • Supports back and belly during pregnancy – giving you a good night’s sleep
  • Takes the place of 5 pillows – no more shifting multiple pillows around when sleeping
  • Unique C-shaped design – comfortably supports your back, hips and tummy
  • Multiple uses – use during pregnancy, when nursing and even after that


Specifics of the Snoogle :

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  •  The cover is removable and machine washable.
  • Cover is 65% polyester, 35% cotton
  • 100% polyester fiberfill.
  • Made in USA.
  • color: white
  • 5.5 pounds
  • 60 x 24.8 x 7.2 inches


How To Use The Snoogle :

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There are so many ways to use the Snoogle pillow. The most common use is in your bed, with you either facing the snoogle or with your back resting against it. (You can see this in the video below.)

But there are many other ways that people use the snoogle – such as curling it up and using it as a backrest. Some use it as a foot rest.  Wrap it around your body and you have your upper body fully supported while you are sitting.

how to use the snoogle

(image used with permission from Leachco)

Watch this short video to learn more:

If You Love Your Own Pillow… :

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 The Snoogle is designed so that you have a built in pillow.  But some of us are rather attached to our pillows (mine has to come with me when travelling). So I am happy to tell you that it is manageable to use your own pillow with the Snoogle.

Here is how one woman did it – she put the curly end by her feet – curling around her.  Then she put the L-shaped end around her pillow.  She was comfortable sleeping either facing the Snoogle or having her back against it.  And just so you know – she is 5’11”, so if it works for her, it should work for you.

How the Snoogle Helps in Pregnancy :

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 Sleeping when you are pregnant is no easy task! Some nights your back hurts. Other nights it is your hips. Leg cramps are another thing to deal with! You may wake up with neck pain. If you are a stomach sleeper, suddenly you can’t sleep that way anymore. The same goes if you are a back sleeper – you don’t want to be sleeping on your back when you are pregnant.

The snoogle helps with all of this. With the pillow situated to support your back, sciatica and lower back pain is prevented. When you tuck the one end between your legs, your spine stays aligned, helping you to avoid back pain. With the snoogle next to you, you have support for laying on your side and it also helps you avoid rolling onto your back or stomach while sleeping.

If you go to sleep facing the pillow, it cradles your tummy and gives you support that way.

Some like to prop their head up more with the snoogle pregnancy pillow to help them breathe better and to prevent heartburn. Others love using this pillow when they sit to read or watch tv since it provides such great hip and back support when used while you are sitting down.

The Snoogle – Not Just For Pregnancy!

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The Snoogle Total Body Pillow is not just for pregnancy. Here are just a few ways that others use it:

  • Use it for support when nursing your baby
  • Loop it around for support when you have a cold so you can breathe easier
  • Suggested to some by their gastro to help with chronic GERD
  • The perfect pillow for post total knee patients
  • Great for someone who has had back surgery or who has a bad back
  • Husbands have been known to borrow this pillow for their naps! 🙂

Optional Accessories:

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The Snoogle comes with a cover.  However, you can buy an optional cover for it.  The optional cover is much easier to take off for washing and it is much softer material.  Some just put a regular pillowcase on the end where their head goes, but those who bought the optional cover are extremely happy with their purchase.

You can see all the available Snoogle covers by clicking here.

Pros and Cons:

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  • Helps you not wake up from tossing and turning
  • Great help for stomach sleepers
  • Great help for back sleepers
  • Comfortable
  • Good support
  • Strong seams
  • Easy to use


  • Can be a challenge to turn over in bed /change position
  • Can take getting used to
  • Cover it comes with is not that soft – recommend getting a jersey cover

Consumer Reviews of  the Snoogle Maternity Pillow:

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With over 1000 reviews on Amazon alone, you know that this is a popular pillow. The majority of reviewers are thrilled with their pillow!


They found that the Snoogle helped with all their aches, pains and restless nights. Neck and back pain has basically disappeared for many.


Rather than dealing with lots of pillows that need to be rearranged every time you turn over, the Snoogle is comfortable no matter which way you are turned. Stomach sleepers love the support it gives as they adjust to side sleeping.


Many look forward to curling up with this pillow every night because it is so cozy and comfortable!


The biggest reason people did not like the Snoogle is because they felt it was big and cumbersome and they could not get comfortable. But others said that you need to give it more than one night – stick with it for a few nights to get used to it and you will find that it works out great!


Another issue that some struggled with was the size.  It is a large pillow, but most find that it fits fine in a queen size bed.


(read the reviews here:   Snoogle Total Body Pillow Reviews)

Current Prices For The Snoogle Pillow:

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When you get  the Snoogle on Amazon you also get free shipping!  I have found their price to be the lowest around. You can check out the current price here:




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Sleep is important and with pregnancy, sleep can sometimes be difficult.  The Snoogle total body pillow is a lifesaver for many.  As one person said, “It’s a little pricey, but when it comes to sleep, it’s worth it.”  After all, a good night’s sleep is priceless!  With over 700  4 & 5 star reviews, this pregnancy pillow is highly recommended!