Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

Product Review:  Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

Cost:  $17 – $25

Who would buy this?

This is perfect for anyone expecting a baby – whether this is their first baby or not.  This makes a great baby shower gift!  Moms of twins also love this baby timer.

Things we liked about the Itzbeen baby timer:

This timer counts up, not down, and displays minutes, not seconds, showing you the time that has elapsed since you last pushed the button.

There are 4 buttons to help you keep track of:

  • diaper changes
  • time last fed
  • when put down for a nap
  • one more button for you to choose from – many moms use this one to keep track of their medication if they are on any.

There is a switch to help breastfeeding moms remember which side baby last nursed on:  left or right.

Itzbeen Baby Care Timer Green

This timer is great for when your baby is first born.  Lack of sleep can make remembering more difficult. With this timer, you can easily keep track of these things.

So when your baby is crying and you see that it has been over 2 hours since baby last ate, then you may want to feed baby more.  But if it has only been 30 minutes since baby last ate, you know it could be a diaper change needed or maybe the need to burp or just cuddle.
Moms of twins like to have two of these to keep track of which baby did what last.

These are also great to have if you are going out for the night.  Grandma (or whoever is watching your little one) can easily see how long it has been since you fed baby or changed baby.

Itzbeen Baby Care Timer Pink

Things we did not like about this Baby Care Timer:
The main thing that people did not like about this baby care timer is the lack of history – in other words, while it may let you know when the last time your baby ate, it does not keep track how much baby ate.  Nor will it keep track of how many diapers you changed that day, just how long since you last changed your baby.  There are tools that do this if you feel it is necessary, but that is not the purpose of this handy timer.


  • Measures 2.25 x 3.75 x 1.375 inches (WxHxD)
  • Uses 3 “AAA” batteries (not included)
  • Light automatically turns off after 7 minutes
  • Available in blue, green and pink

Is the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer worth it?

While not everyone is concerned about schedules with their babies, most moms are going to find this a very helpful tool.  It is like a second brain – remembering things for you so you can concentrate on other things.  We highly recommend the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer!

What do parents who use the Itzbeen Baby Timer think?

This timer system is beyond helpful – it becomes your BRAIN when you have a newborn, as the hours, feedings and diaper changes become a total blur during this amazing yet totally sleep deprived time of your life. Continue reading here.

Read more reviews here – with almost 400 5 start reviews, you can tell that this handy gadget is well liked.