inexpensive baby shower

Baby showers are a lot of fun to plan, but they can also be expensive and easily break your budget. When you are buying invitations, decorations, food, drinks, plates, napkins, cups, etc. – the cost can add up quickly.

Hopefully you are able to plan the shower with a few others, so that the expenses can be shared. But you still want to keep costs down as much as possible.

Cheap and Inexpensive Baby Shower Ideas:


The cost of buying and mailing invitations can quickly add up – depending on how many people you are inviting to the baby shower.

One way to keep costs down is to use the computer. It is very acceptable today to send invites to people via the internet – whether you individually email everyone or you use facebook or use a place like

The one thing to keep in mind with this method is that not everyone, especially older folks, go online daily.

Another thing to remember is that you may have an old email address for someone. So even if they have an email account, they may not get your email in time. This happened to me once – I received an invitation to a shower at my old email address which I rarely checked.  When I did finally check that email, the shower had already occurred and I had missed it!

baby shower invitationSo it may be worth your while to have a certain date in mind that you call people that you have not gotten a response from. This way, you know for certain that they did hear about the shower.

If you do choose to send invitations in the mail, you can often save costs by being creative and making your own, rather than buying premade ones. Go online and search for some cute designs and print them off.


A few simple decorations can go a long way. Here are a few ideas:

1. Get those white Christmas lights out of storage and string those around the room

2. Buy some crepe paper from the dollar store and have fun – you can string it from one corner of the room to the opposite corner. You can hang pieces of it from an umbrella (baby “shower”). Hang if from the table where you have gifts and the table where you have food.

3. Sprinkle some confetti around. Plain white tablecloths sprinkled with confetti look very festive.

4. Balloons are festive and cheap. Use baby rattles, pacifiers, etc. as the weight to hold them down.

5. Teddy bears scattered around the room make cute decorations.

6. A diaper cake is a fun and useful decoration. There are many videos online to show you how to make one. Here is one:


A classic item at a baby shower is a cake. But buying a sheet cake at your local grocery store can quickly add up. To save money, buy a few box mixes and bake some cakes. Try your hand at decorating the cake – using the frostings/ icings you find in your grocery store. If you are not handy in the kitchen, get help from someone who is.

Favors / Prizes for games:

Don’t spend a lot of money buying personalised baby shower favors.  How many times have you come home with a cute thing that soon gets thrown away or collects dust in some out of the way place?  Instead, look for simple, inexpensive but useful items that you can send home with your guests.

Visit the dollar store for some ideas.  While many things there can be rather junky, there are also some very nice items.  Look for scented hand creams, pretty soap, small candles, picture frames, glass candy jars, etc.

Another great idea for party favors is chocolate or some other edible item.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

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