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A fitness business helps people meet their health goals and needs. They give people access to an equipped and comfortable workout space, bring people with similar ideals together, and promote healthy, active lifestyles. Fitness businesses are an important addition to any community.

Enhance more people’s lives with your gym’s facilities and services. Expand your customer reach by learning how to grow your fitness business the right way.

Establish a Community

Convincing yourself to head to the gym is no easy feat, whether you work out in the early morning, after work, or on the weekends. Many struggle to find the motivation to get to the gym, no matter how good exercise is for them. Establishing a community at your facility forms a network of people who keep one another accountable for and motivated to workout.

Having a companion by your side enhances any experience. Exercising with a friend provides motivational support, entertainment, and comfort—qualities that make the experience more inviting. Building a community leads to relationships and makes your fitness business more enticing, offering people something beyond a workout space. Many want to feel part of a community because it enriches their lives with relationships, resources, and purpose. Establish a community and attract new and old clients to your facility.

Create an Online Presence

In today’s modern world, social media holds power. Digital platforms, from Instagram to Twitter, bring people together and help spread information. Connections, contacts, and shared content expand and maintain your customer reach, making social media a valuable business tool.

Many spend most of their time online. Making your fitness business known on the internet connects you with people perusing the web and checking socials. You can build your presence by posting regular content—pictures of your gym, class advertisements, and trainer highlights—and offer engaging posts like live streams or questionnaires. Create an online presence, connect with existing and potential clients, and spread the word about your business.

Offer Diverse Workout Options

People can move and exercise their bodies in many ways, like running, rowing, or dancing. Offering something for everybody brings traffic to your fitness business, whether your clients want a high-intensity workout for stamina improvement or weight training for muscle build. The more workout opportunities you provide, the greater your client reach.

Diversify your business’ workout options to appeal to all gym-goers. The Octane Ro machine gives clients a full-body workout, posture improvement, and muscle toning. A basic set of varying weights provides different weight training possibilities. Mats and unique stretching structures cater to those looking to loosen their bodies and build flexibility. Equipping multiple machine types and workout options expands your clientele and grows your business.

Accommodate Different Clients

Everybody benefits from exercise, no matter their size or physical capabilities. Offering different accommodations and workout customizations increases client inclusivity, further expanding your clientele.

You can offer accommodations in many ways, from investing in exercise machines with customizable features to hosting training sessions for varying age groups and skills. Octane’s XRide XR6000s recumbent elliptical provides a seated exercise that reduces the impact on knees and feet and provides ergonomic back support—serving elliptical workouts for different ages and fitness levels. Accommodation makes your fitness business more welcoming to all.

Perform Regular Upkeep

Steady growth requires longevity. Keeping your business in top condition through the years allows you to stay open and attract people regularly. People want to workout in a comforting, updated, aesthetic space. Regular upkeep ensures your facility and equipment remain operational and of top quality.

A run-down, broken machine and establishment under construction or needing frequent repairs provide little use to your business. Routine maintenance check-ups prevent any issues from escalating and keep your business up and running smoothly for all current and future clients to enjoy.

Host Special Guest Workout Classes

Growing your business involves getting more people into fitness. The more people working out, the greater your client pool. Some of the biggest setbacks for people and their fitness journey include:

  • The fear of judgment
  • Inexperience and lack of knowledge
  • Poor consistency
  • Lack of interest

Workout classes mitigate many of those setbacks.

Beginner exercise classes welcome those with little fitness knowledge and experience, providing a judgment-free zone because everyone is learning. Classes of all levels provide educational opportunities, teaching and exposing people to new equipment and routines. Regular training sessions help with consistency. Classmates and trainers keep everyone involved accountable, and the set schedule ensures training continuation.

Octane offers commercial recumbent ellipticals, equipping your fitness business with plenty of machines to host workout classes while accommodating different needs. Plus, our machines come with advanced biomechanics and modern technology, providing workout assistance and user-friendly interfaces.

Start a Referral Program

Let your clients bring in traffic. Referral programs increase word-of-mouth marketing with different incentives. As your clients recommend others to your business, your community and customer base expand. With a referral program, your clients also benefit from their marketing efforts, giving everyone involved a win—you get more business, your clients receive rewards, and the referred indulge in the benefits of exercise.

Incentivize your clients to spread the word about your fitness business by offering prizes per referral like:

  • Free classes
  • Workout gear
  • Branded goodies like T-shirts
  • Discounted memberships
  • Coupons to partnered businesses

Invest in Quality Equipment

Quality guarantees luxuries. Investing in top-notch gym equipment leads to exclusive workout experiences. An attractive, smooth-operating, and comfortable machine offers many beneficial features that enhance workouts, making your business more enticing than competitors offering average experiences.

Quality equipment also increases your business’s longevity. Exercise machines endure a lot of wear and tear between the constant use and the high impact of certain exercises. Durable, quality fitness equipment better withstands the demands of exercise machines, providing you with long-lasting equipment that’ll continue to operate over the years. As your machines continue to operate, so does your business.

Shop with Octane for quality and reliable commercial workout equipment. We offer durable, modern, optimized exercise machines with many beneficial qualities to attract new and existing clients. Invest in Octane gym equipment and grow your fitness business the right way.

How To Grow Your Fitness Business the Right Way