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Cardiovascular exercises play a key role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improving fitness. Cardio strengthens heart health, assists weight management, and enhances cognitive function. With so many benefits to offer, cardio equipment is a must-have for any workout space. Help your clients reap the many rewards of cardio with some cardio equipment essentials for your commercial gym.


Running and jogging are the most popular cardio exercise forms, effectively pumping the heart and getting the whole body in motion. Treadmills allow your clients to run, jog, or sprint for any distance or duration, all while enjoying the comfort of the indoors. Unlike outdoor runs, treadmill runs make it easier to customize runs with different running speeds and incline intensities. For all these reasons, treadmills are a cardio essential and a gym necessity for any workout space.

Stair Climbers

Stairs get the heart racing and blood pumping within seconds. Stair climbers give your clients an endless flight of stairs to conquer, letting them get as many steps in as possible and enjoy a simple cardio workout. People encounter stairs every day, whether while heading to work or exploring the mall. Offering stair climbers at your gym gives your clients cardio opportunities and makes their daily encounters with stairs an easier feat as they strengthen the right muscles for the job.

Spin Bikes

Cycling is another popular cardio exercise offering abundant benefits, from calorie burning to cardiovascular endurance. Spin bikes help people cycle in rain or shine. Like treadmills, spin bikes provide clients with workout customizations to alter their exercise experience with higher or lower intensity.

Rowing Machines

Rowing activates a range of muscles, from the deltoids to the quadriceps. Along with strengthening multiple muscles at a time, rowing also gets the heart pumping. Rowing is a fun and unique way to move your body, diversifying your clients’ training. Adding a rowing machine to your gym gives clients the opportunity to reap the benefits of rowing cardio without the need for a boat.

Elliptical Trainers

Walking, climbing, and skiing are cardio workouts with similar motion ranges. Commercial elliptical machineshelp your clients indulge in all three forms of movement and elevate their cardio training. Octane Fitness’s lateral ellipticals recreate the skiing motion without needing a mountain or fresh powder. Our XRide XR6000s recumbent elliptical provides a seated cardio elliptical workout with ergonomic support. All Octane ellipticals consist of advanced biomechanic designs that give your clients a low-impact cardio workout, enhancing pacing and reducing strain.

Octane Fitness offers multiple cardio equipment essentials for your commercial gym that enhance your clients’ cardio training, improve their fitness goals, and increase the appeal of your gym. Check out Octane’s selection of cardio equipment to help your clients reap the many rewards of cardiovascular exercises.