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Upgrading different aspects of your gym business is essential to staying ahead of competitors, remaining relevant, and maintaining clients’ interest. Certain upgrades can enhance your business by improving the services and experiences your gym offers. Outdated equipment and amenities can make your business a thing of the past and not as enjoyable as modernized alternatives. Therefore, upgrades maintain your appeal in congruence with modern needs and trends. Check out four gym upgrades you can make to boost member experience at your facility.

High-End Hydration Stations

Hydration plays an important part in staying healthy while working out and in general. Therefore, your gym’s water source influences your members’ experiences in many ways.

Water coolers make your gym feel like the office, and drinking fountains make it feel like elementary school. A hydration station designed to fill large water bottles with crisp, clean water will make a big difference for your clients. Upgrading to high-end water stations reminds and encourages your clients to stay hydrated, reducing dehydration risks and giving members easy access to healthy, clean water.

Sports and Court Spaces

Your fitness center can’t all be treadmills and weights. People can and want to move their bodies in many ways, so expand your members’ fitness opportunities by adding new sports and court spaces. Set up courts for indoor racquet games like racquetball, squash, and badminton. Likewise, pickleball is an ascendant sport in the US—why not turn your basketball courts into pickleball courts?

Bathroom Upgrades

Post-workout hygiene is critical to improving your gym and its members’ cleanliness and health. For one, upgrading your showers and toilets promotes proper hygiene. Also, updating your plumbing mitigates plumbing and sewer issues, keeping your facilities and bathrooms clean, free from potential water damage, and operating as intended. You can also upgrade your bathroom’s toiletries. Switching the traditional all-in-one foam soap for better-quality shampoo and body soap enhances your members’ amenities and experience.

Your gym’s bathroom and shower spaces can be make-or-break decision factors for potential clients. Therefore, having nice bathrooms is a signature feature of any exceptionally successful gym facility.

Lateral Ellipticals

Ellipticals are essential low-impact cardio equipment, great for active aging members or those in sports recovery. Upgrading your traditional elliptical machines with commercial lateral elliptical trainers boosts your members’ experiences by enhancing their workouts with new dimensions. Lateral ellipticals engage users in a different set of exercises and movements than traditional ellipticals would. Octane’s LateralX elliptical is the only adjustable lateral elliptical on the market. It improves cardio elliptical workouts by offering side-to-side stepping motions, allowing users to work out different muscle groups and further adjust their exercises to meet their needs.

With equipment from Octane Fitness and these gym upgrades, you can boost your member experience in many ways and improve your business for greater success. Upgrade your gym, from the equipment to the amenities, to give your clients the best workout space and experience possible.