baby shower games

A baby shower isn’t complete without a few fun games!

What games you choose to play at your baby shower will depend some on the guests that will be there.  If you are having a large group and the room is not large, then games that involve getting out of your seat and moving around are probably not a good idea.  If your guests are primarily young or you are having a couples baby shower, then more active games can bring fun and laughter.

A Few Fun Baby Shower Games

1.  Measure the Tummy – This can be done with string, yarn or toilet paper.  Each guest estimates how much is needed to wrap around mom-to-be’s tummy and takes that length of string.  After everyone has chosen, mom’s tummy is measured and the one with the closest length of string wins.

2.  Price is Right – Have a table set up somewhere with 6-10 items on it that you would buy for a baby. (diapers, diaper rash ointment, socks, pacifier, etc.) and have your guests guess the price of it all.  The one closest wins.  Mom-to-be gets the items for her baby.

3.  Guess What I Am – Start with 6-10 items for a baby.  This can be played several ways. One way is to blindfold the mom-to-be and have her feel each item and guess what it is.  Another way is to put each item in a brown paper bag and seal it.  Number each bag.  Pass the bags around to your guests and have them write down what they think is in the bags.  The one with the most number of correct answers wins.  The baby items go to the mom-to-be.

4.  Change the Baby – Have a life size baby doll if possible (otherwise a regular size baby doll can work) and have a diaper on her.  Guests compete to see who can change the baby the fastest – using only one hand. (the other hand is held behind their back).  A timer is used and each guest must take the diaper off and put a new one on the baby doll.

If you are having a couples baby shower, a fun version of this game is for the men to compete against the ladies.  Have two lines with two baby dolls.  Each person in line changes the baby using one hand.  Will the men or the ladies finish first?

5.  Guess the Baby – This game needs some advance planning.  Ask your guests to bring a baby picture of themselves.  Have a table where they can be placed or a wall they can be taped to.  Number each picture.  Have the guests guess which baby picture belongs to which person there.  The one with the most number of correct answers wins.

6.  Obstacle Course Race – This is fun if you have guys at the shower.  You will have to get / borrow several strollers for this one.  Set up an obstacle course and have the guys race through it pushing a stroller.

7.  Guess the Diapers – If you have a diaper cake at the shower, have your guests take guesses on how many diapers are in the cake.

8.  Baby Bottle Race – This is another fun one for the guys.  Fill some baby bottles with milk or soda and have give them to the guys.  The first one to finish drinking it wins.

9.  Feed the Baby – This one for couples can be messy, so make sure it is appropriate to do.  Have couples face one another in chairs and them each a large bib (and maybe a towel too).  Then they each get a jar of baby food and a spoon.  Now the fun part – they get blindfolded and they feed one another.  Whoever finishes feeding the other first wins that round.  Now move on to the next couple.  Will the guys or the gals get more points?

10.  Printable Games – There are all kinds of word games that you can find online – from scrambled words to word finds and other fun games.  These can be printed out ahead of time.  If you are running out of time or you simply do not want to search all over the internet for various games, you can get fun baby shower games here.  Remember to take extra pens or pencils with – not everyone who comes is going to have one with them.

Photo credit – Caitlin Regan