Fisher Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing ReviewThe Fisher Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing is unique because it is designed to match your home rather than the nursery.

The contemporary design and the many features designed to soothe your baby make this swing a top choice for many parents.

What do people like about this baby swing?  Anything they don’t like?

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Fisher Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing Price

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Main Features of the Zen Collection Cradle Swing:

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Removable Seat

Having a removable seat is a great option in this swing!  If baby is sleeping in the swing Fisher Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing Removable Seatand others are coming into the room, making it noisier in the room – simply pick the seat up and move your sleeping baby to a quieter place.

Or perhaps you need to be in another part of the house and don’t want baby to be out of your view.  Simply carry the seat with baby in it to where you will be.

While the seat itself does not bounce (it is not a bouncer) or move in any way – many moms and dads love the ability to move their baby around the house without needing to take them out of the swing itself.

Natural Colors

Not everyone wants their house to look like a nursery.  Baby swings are relatively big and are like a piece of furniture in your room.  If your style is not pastel baby colors or cute bunnies or other baby motifs, then this swing may fit your style better.

The contemporary look of the Zen Collection Cradle Swing features natural colors with wood finished handles.  The material is patterned with dragonfly silhouettes and sprays of leaves.  The chocolate brown, cream and moss green with some red accents blends well with many decorating styles.

Fisher Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing

Two Swinging Motions

You can position the seat 2 different ways so that your baby is swinging side to side in a cradle type motion or front to back in a swing like motion.

Different babies seem to like different motions and sometime one way will not soothe baby, but the other way will.  Having this choice is a definite plus!

It is very simple to change the motion – you simply lift and twist.

Details of the Fisher Price Zen Swing :

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  • Dimensions: 44 x 36 x 30 inches
  • Swing weighs 27 pounds
  • 4 D batteries required (not included) or ac adapter (included)
  • For infants up to 25 pounds
  • Basket shape seat gives security and support for the youngest babies
  • Seat can be adjusted to sit the baby up or recline down
  • Has a plush seat cover, padded head support, and built-in cover/blanket for baby
  • Fabric is washable
  • Music has 14 different soothing sounds: 6 lullabies and 8 entertaining musical tracks
  • Entertaining mobile (does not move)
  • Baby seat is removable and portable
  • Color: cream, chocolate brown, and moss green with ruby-red accents
  • Frame is a sturdy, dark brown metal
  • Warranty – 1 year

Fisher Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing

Consumer Reviews Of The Fisher Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing:

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Would not have survived without this.


One of the best baby items I own!

I LOVE this swing!!

Wish they made one for adults!

“I am so glad that we spent the extra money and bought this swing…The design and color of this swing is a perfect match for our homes decor and paint. The swing itself feels sturdy and comfortable. The cover comes off easily to wash and the mobile is just enough to keep baby entertained but not…(read more here: Zen Collection Cradle Swing Review)”

Amazon Rating: 3.9

Who is the Fisher Price Zen Cradle Swing best for?

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If you like the idea of a baby swing but want it to fit in with the rest of the decor in your house, then this swing is a great option.  Most baby swings are baby colors with baby motifs, but this swing is designed to blend in with your other furniture.  The colors are neutral and work well with either a girl or a boy.

With a seat that is removable, this swing offers an option that most swings do not have.  Although the swing seat by itself does not have any extras (does not bounce, rock or vibrate), moms and dads like the way they are able to move baby from one room to another without disturbing their sleep.

One thing that some parents did not like is the fact that although this swing has two positions, it does not sit up very much.  The difference in the 2 positions is about 3 inches.  So if you want a swing that will allow your baby to sit up more, then you may want to check out some other options like the Fisher Price Snugabunny Swing or the Fisher Price Papasan Swing.

Current Prices For The Fisher Price Zen Collection Baby Swing:

I love shopping at Amazon and find their prices to be very competitive if not better than other places online.  Usually shipping is free too!  So….buy it today from Amazon and in only a few days you will be setting this swing up in your own home!

 Check out the current price of the Zen Baby Swing here:

Fisher Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing PriceFisher Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing Features Table