Baby Cradle CapWhile it is not very pretty to look at, baby cradle cap is not dangerous nor does it hurt your baby.

Cradle cap can look like dandruff – dry flaky skin or it can look scaly and crusty.  The medical term for cradle cap is infantile seborrheic dermatitis.

Because it doesn’t look very nice, we want to get rid of cradle cap.  But how?

How to get rid of cradle cap in babies:

While cradle cap does eventually go away, most parents find themselves wanting to get rid of it sooner.

Washing your babies hair more often and brushing away the flakes with a soft baby brush is one thing to try.  But sometimes getting rid of cradle cap takes a little more effort.

Watch the video below to see one method of getting all that yucky crud off your baby’s head:

Here are the steps mentioned in the video:

  • You will need a baby washcloth, a soft toothbrush and some baby oil. I like to use coconut oil for cradle cap since it is a very natural oil.
  • Pour the oil on the washcloth.
  • Rub the washcloth on your baby’s head to thoroughly cover it with the oil.
  • Leave the oil on your baby’s head for 10-15 minutes.
  • Gently scrub your baby’s scalp with the toothbrush.  (Baby’s scalp will get red, but the crud should be gone.)
  • Throw away the toothbrush.
  • Place a warm, damp washcloth on baby’s head for a few minutes.

If these simple remedies do not work, and your baby’s cradle cap seems to be getting worse, then you may want to visit your pediatrician.  He may give you a special medicated baby shampoo to help.

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