Baby Strollers With Car SeatTravel systems for babies – that is, baby strollers with a car seat – are a fantastic choice  to consider when looking for strollers and car seats for your baby.

When my oldest was a baby travel systems were not made.  Sure we had strollers and car seats – but they were not designed to work together.  So when we went out this is often what would happen:  She would fall asleep in her car seat.  When we got to our destination, I would get out the stroller.  Then I needed to unstrap her from her car seat, lift her up and strap her into the stroller.  By that time she was usually awake.

But with a travel system, you can lift the entire car seat out of the car and gently place it into the stroller.   There is no guarantee your baby will stay sleeping, but it sure is a whole lot easier than what I was doing.

There are many choices available today – but the five I have listed below have received the top ratings by people who own and use them.

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