baby gift basketA baby gift basket is a great gift.  Not only is it fun to receive, it is fun to make.

There are all kinds of gift baskets that you can make or buy.  Whether you  get creative and make your own or whether you buy a premade one, a baby gift basket is a special gift.

Here are 10 different ideas for baby shower gift baskets that you can put together.  Or you can take these ideas to spur your own creative thinking to come up with your own unique baby gift.

10 Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas:

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1.  Baby Play Time Gift Basket

What child doesn’t like toys?  A basket of toys can include things for an infant like teething toys, rattles and stuffed animals.  You can also include toys that an older baby would like: stacking toys, a first block set, a little train.  The possibilities are endless.

2.  Baby Sleep Time Gift Basket

Get some onesies for sleeping in or a sleep sack.  Add a cute stuffed animal.  A nightlight. A soothing sounds machine that helps baby sleep better.  A lullaby cd.  A cozy blanket.

3.  Baby Bath Time Gift Basketbaby gift basket

In this gift basket, include items like baby shampoo, baby soap, washcloths, hooded towels, grooming items such as a brush, comb and nail clippers and a few bathtub toys.  Get creative and use a baby bathtub as your “basket.”

4.  Baby Eating Time Gift Basket

Will mom be bottle feeding the baby?  Get some bottles, a bottle warmer, bottle brush and some formula.

Make a basket for when baby gets a little older:  sippy cups, baby utensils, matching cup, plate and bowl, some bibs and some jars of baby food.  Go all out and add a baby food grinder if you think mom would like to make her own baby food.

5.  Nursing Mom’s Gift Basket

Will mom be breastfeeding her baby?  Make a basket and include things like nipple cream and cotton nursing pads.  How about some tea bags or flavored coffee and some chocolate?  Add an insulated drinking glass with a straw since she will need to drink lots of  water.  A nursing blanket for privacy purposes is also a great gift.

6.  Organic Baby Gift Basket

Treat mom and baby with a basketfull of organic goodies.  Get some organic baby socks, bibs, onesies / undershirts, crib sheets, receiving blankets, toys, baby shampoo – you can find almost anything organic these days – so use your imagination and have fun!

7.  Baby Care Gift Basket

This basket can hold all kinds of items that will come in handy for taking care of a little one.    Include things like a baby thermometer, baby nail clippers, teether, baby nasal aspirator, baby care timer, a first toothbrush, maybe some baby sunscreen.  Add a package of outlet covers and some cabinet door latches for baby’s safety.

8.  Pamper Mom Gift Basket

Send mom home with a basket just for her.  Scented skin lotions, bath oils, chocolate, a jar of nuts, a box of tea or specialty coffee, a pretty cup, a book, a cd you know she would like – all things to encourage her during those first weeks after baby is born.

9.  Cozy Baby Gift Basket

Think cozy – a soft blanket, a stuffed animal, flannel receiving blankets, a micro-fleece swaddle wrap or wearable blanket.

10. Baby Books Gift Basket baby book basket

Start baby off with some great children’s classics – board books are great for little ones.  Authors like Margaret Wise Brown, Eric Carle and Sandra Boynton are sure to be hits.  An alphabet book, a baby’s first words book, a counting book – so many possibilities.

Whatever basket you bring,  you can be sure that it will be appreciated.  And it doesn’t have to be a “basket” – use a box, a baby  bathtub, a bucket, a diaper bag, a toy box, a laundry basket, a baby wagon.  Be creative and have fun!



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